All our products are made using the best quality materials available. We use 13mm stone, sand and high strength(42.5mpa) cement. Products are cast into high precision moulds that ensures a superior product with low tolerance.

All our coloured double sided Brickcrete walls have a bi-sided brick pattern. Colour is mixed into the cement  when we cast the concrete into the moulds. Colour is constant throughout the material. Grooves are sprayed with QD enamel to finish of the wall. Our Brickcrete walls are also finished off at the top with a cap rail trim that ensures a neat finish.

Why erect a brickcrete concrete precast wall?

  • Same aesthetic quality of a brick wall on both sides at a much lower cost.
  • Invisible panel interlock
  • No maintenance.
  • Oxide mixed right through the wall, no just on surface.
  • Quick neat installation.
  • Poles are planted 600mm deep, reinforced concrete.